On Pizza Dough

A few testers.

A version of this post recently featured on my “about” page. Then I opened the WordPress App on my phone, which still had last year’s “about” page text. I regrettably clicked “update”. Here‘s what I’d said about dough before The WordPress App Incident. I think it works better as a blog post.

Everything we do at David Made Pizza centers on the dough. Take that away and we’re nothing. A mere shadow of a seasonal nano ghost kitchen. What’s the big deal with dough? Here’s the gist of it. My great grandmother Sylvia, who was a great candy maker and baker, passed down a bread recipe to my grandmother that my grandmother made and taught my mom and my mom still makes to this day. My dough’s nothing like that. But baking bread was an important ritual in my house growing up. I’d sit on the linoleum petting Bruce the collie as Mom took steaming golden loaves out of the oven. We’d eat them hot without anything on them. Deep in the heart of Wonder Bread Country (rural Ohio), I grew up savoring crust. 

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Summer’s almost here! We are dotting our Is and crossing our Ts for season number two!

School Pizza!

WHS. December.

Things have been quiet restaurant-side but the WHS Latin Honors Society just pulled off a monster 50-pizza bake. Some of the best school pizza around! Not to mention 50 highly unique pizza boxes. bene factum, studentes!


Pies hot out of the oven before their final toppings. Clockwise, from the top of the hour: Bryan, Kathy, Marge, and Braden.


Clockwise from the top of the hour: Kayden, Other Kathy, Braden, and Bryan.

Highly Unusual

Highly unusual. This sort of hatred he typically reserves for bumbly drawer liners.

Pepperoni Matters

Ezzo Supreme Special peeking out from a blanket of mozzarella. Last year (2021), we put the pepperoni under the cheese to protect it from over-scorching in the brick oven. This year (2022) we switched to Rosa Grande, and are putting the pepperoni on top of the cheese.

If you order pepperoni pizza in Italy you get vegetables. This I learned in Trieste, the port city where Joyce started Dubliners and finished Portrait and my great great grandparents left Slovenia for Cleveland, of all places.

“Times must have been tough,” my brother Josh later remarked on the subject with his toes in Lake Bled.

Presently we were watching the sun set over the Adriatic, Trieste’s Piazza della Borsa at our backs. We sat cross legged on the Molo Audace over a greasy pizza box. The pizza had

“Salami,” Josh said.

“You have to order salami.”

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Introducing Sketchbook

Sketchbook is in development. Indefinitely. Here I’ll be putting up excerpts from my notebook: cartoons, notes, recipes. Some illustrated deep dives on ingredients and process. Photography. Other doodles. Work in progress.