My name’s David and I’m really glad you’re here.

At David Made Pizza you’ll find fire-blistered pies with light, airy crusts and caramelized sharp cheddar edges. Roughly the dimensions of printer paper and roughly the thickness of Homer’s Iliad, these pies call to mind elements of New Jersey squares, or Detroit-style pizzas, or Grandma pies. Classifications though I’ll leave to the philosophers.

What these pies are really is an embodiment of everything I love about pizza. They have a little east coast in them, a little midwest, and they’re heavily influenced by what I’ve had in Italy. The dough began in 2018 as a high-hydration Roman-style al taglio dough, though it’s since evolved. Besides the four-year-old starter, Kelvin, the ingredients are flour and water and salt. It’s a charming, simple dough. I really love it. It’s what I make my friends.

All the ingredients, from tomatoes on down, I’ve hand-selected because they’re my favorite. This is and will be the operating principle behind David Made Pizza. Make my favorite things (just a couple things). Share my favorite things.

I really hope you enjoy it.